Conservatory of the Arts

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Hialeah High School Conservatory of the arts provides students with a world-class arts education and a rigorous academic curriculum that prepares them for careers in the arts and post-secondary education. The Conservatory of the Arts is designed to provide students with a highly specialized and sequential program of studies that helps develop students' own artistic vision. For more information on our program, please visit Our Magnet website​​​​​​​

Campus Tours are available every 1st and 3rd Wednesdays and Thursdays, During the months of October - January. To reserve a tour, please fill out this form.



1.   Submit an application online via www.yourchoicemiami.org OR a paper application by January 15th.✔️

2.   Select an Audition Date: Saturday, February 1st OR Saturday, February 15th through www.yourchoicemiami.org OR contacting Hialeah High at 305-822-1500 or email ar_romero@dadeschools.net ✔️

3.   Attend the audition, come prepared. (Approximately a 1.5 hour duration)

4.   Letters of acceptance into our program will be sent AFTER March 15th


Dance Audition

    Wear dance attire (black leotard, pink or black tights, appropriate shoes, and hair in a bun. Males wear White t-shirt, black tights, and appropriate shoes.)

    Be ready to move! Dancers will participate in: Ballet Barre, Adagio, Allegro,  modern/jazz combination.

    dance terminology exam

    Individual interviews focusing on motivation and commitment.


Music Audition (Vocal or Instrumental)

    Applicants will perform one prepared piece of the student’s choice (Instrumental applicants should bring their instruments).

    Sight reading & Music Theory

    Individual interviews focusing on motivation and commitment.


Theatre Audition

    Applicants will participate in a Warm-up exercise.

    Applicants will participate in an Improvisation exercise.

    Come prepared to perform a one (1) minute monologue.

    Individual interviews focusing on motivation and commitment.

Visual Arts Audition

    Bring your portfolio and sketchbook, with samples of work (10-15 pieces).

    Come ready to draw (No Materials are needed).

    Individual interviews focusing on motivation and commitment.



    Sign-in ( MAIN OFFICE Entrance) and wait in the annex courtyard tables

    Auditions will take place in various classrooms in the annex building

    Only students are allowed into the classrooms to audition

    Once students finish, they will be released to wait for parents in the annex courtyard.


OCTOBER 1st- Application process begins! Visit http://yourchoicemiami.org/ to apply!

OCTOBER - JANUARY - Campus Tours

FEBRUARY 1st- Auditions take place.

FEBRUARY 15th- Auditions take place.

MARCH - Letters of Acceptance are sent.

APRIL - Off-cycle magnet applications begins.

​​​​​​​Off-Cycle Magnet Application process:
  1. Interested candidates, fill out paper application and submit via email or in person to Arlete Romero ar_romero@dadeschools.net.

  2. Once application has been submitted, we will arrange auditions with instructors.

  3. The Letter of Acceptance and Form A is required to be submitted to our school in person via email ar_romero@dadeschools.net. Once we receive these forms, we can begin the registration process.

For more information, contact the school directly at 305-822-1500 or Magnet Lead, Mrs. Arlete Romero-Mena, ar_romero@dadeschools.net